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Plustronics is a wholly-owned Tanzanian company specializing in the supply, sale, rental, installation, and service of diesel generators, air conditioning, and radio communications equipment. Moreover, Plustronics offers fuel deliveries in a purpose-built fuel tanker with fuel metering capabilities. 

Prior to partnering with AFRITRACK, Plustronics had not used any other fuel monitoring solution. Individuals and corporations use the services of Plustronics primarily due to the fact that they offer end-to-end services, ranging from the sale of generators to fuel delivery and generator service.

The Problem

The operations staff at Plustronics did not have real-time visibility of the fuel levels in their clients’ generator fuel tanks. The only way to obtain this information was to send staff to manually check the fuel levels in external 1,000-liter storage tanks connected to each generator using dipsticks. 

This process was labor-intensive and prone to errors or misconduct by the staff, which often resulted in unaccounted fuel deficits and, potentially, theft. Plustronics had no means of accurately tracking the amount of fuel received from third-party vendors in comparison to what was being filled and consumed by the generators while they were in operation.

The Solution

Real-time Monitoring: 

AFRITRACK installed fuel sensors on generator tanks after precise calibration, enabling Plustronics to access real-time fuel levels. Moreover, they could now track fuel fillings and drains through scheduled reports.

Fuel Consumption Analysis: 

AFRITRACK’s solution allowed Plustronics to analyze fuel consumption accurately by comparing it against generator run hours. This data helped identify and combat fuel pilferage effectively.

Low Fuel Alerts: 

Notifications were set up to alert Plustronics when fuel levels were low. This proactive approach streamlined refueling operations, eliminating the need for staff to travel long distances for emergency refills.

Custom Fuel Reports: 

Plustronics received customized fuel reports that facilitated validation of fuel consumption against fuel fillings, enhancing accountability.

Example of an Automated Report (in PDF or Excel format) that displays fuel consumption data when the generator is operational.

The Results

Actual Profit: 

Plustronics realized substantial cost savings. Accurate fuel level monitoring resulted in monthly savings of USD 7,000 across 57 generator sites for a high-profile client. This significant reduction in fuel expenses was primarily due to refueling being performed only when necessary and the precise dispensing of fuel, eliminating waste.

Optimized Service Intervals: 

The consistent fuel quality, thanks to clean fuel probes and regular refueling, led to optimized generator service intervals. Generators now run on cleaner fuel, significantly improving efficiency and extending their service life.

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