Real-Time Guard Monitoring for High Value Cargo

KK Security, a company of GardaWorld, a renowned security services provider offering manned guards and ancillary security services to individuals and companies, needed real-time monitoring and alerting of their guards movement and attendance on site. Their esteemed client demanded for a real time dashboard of the guards location, security rounds and instant alert when a guard is not present in a designated. Prior to their collaboration with AFRITRACK, they had partnered with various vendors, the likes of  GPS and NFC solutions providers. These solutions had limitations, and did not meet their esteemed clients’ requirements. 

KK Security’s client required real-time monitoring of guards at two sensitive environment sites housing high-value cargo. This demand necessitated an innovative solution that would not only meet their client’s requirements but also reinforce KK Security’s trust and relationship with their client. 

The Problem

KK Security faced challenges in ensuring consistent patrols by their guards at designated checkpoints and areas. There were instances where guards were found idle instead of actively patrolling, leading to concerns about the effectiveness of their duties. 

Additionally, the company lacked real-time visibility into the guards’ locations, making it difficult to monitor their movements and ensure adherence to security protocols. The absence of a mechanism for guards to send SOS or panic signals during incidents further compounded the issue, as quick responses were essential. 

Furthermore, certain high-risk areas within the client’s facilities, such as storage rooms housing valuable cargo, required enhanced attention and thorough patrolling to mitigate the risk of burglary and theft.

The Solution

AFRITRACK implemented  an integrated solution using rugged personal trackers and its IoT platform offering the most practical, reliable, and cost effective solution.

Real-time Monitoring

Each guard was equipped with a mobile GPS tracker during their shifts, allowing for the monitoring of their movements and idle times.

To mitigate the initial challenge of GPS hopping, advanced filtrations were implemented to manage GPS fluctuations effectively.

The mobile trackers were equipped with a convenient SOS button, enabling guards to send notifications to GKK Security’s Control Center in a matter of seconds. These notifications appeared as pop-ups on the guard’s monitoring dashboard and were also sent as email alerts.

To meet key shift time metrics, geofences were deployed, providing data on guards’ time in and out, along with additional check-points in high-risk and sensitive operation areas.

Hit Maps

Real-Time Dashboards

The Results

Increased Patrol Efficiency

Routine patrol movements increased by an impressive 40% per shift compared to previous practices. This improvement was primarily achieved by analyzing stoppage times in relation to the required on-patrol (movement) times.

Real-time Guard Monitoring

KK Security achieved a pioneering feat in Tanzania by implementing real-time guard monitoring for the busiest cargo handling sea port in Tanzania. This innovation allowed KK Security to adhere to strict security compliance and respond swiftly to incidents without the need for constant supervisory patrols.

Enhanced Security

The project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, reinforcing KK Security’s trust and relationship with their key client. High-value cargo storage areas were now under thorough and precise surveillance, reducing the risk of theft and burglary.

Image Credits; KK Security Official website

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