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Feedback Form

You can provide feedback to the management and the board of directors by filling in the form below. You can choose to remain anonymous, however, we do encourage you to identify yourself so that we can revert to you with any responses.

All submission must be;
a) Made in good faith.
b) Has reasonable cause to believe that the information disclosed and if there is any allegation of wrongdoing contained in it is substantially valid.
c) Is factual and has enough substance for the recipient to further investigate. It should not be over generalized or vague in nature.
d) Must be respectful in nature, factual in content and unbiased. Disclosures with characteristics of hate, vindictiveness, personal vendetta or extreme disrespect will more likely be ignored.

In return the Management shall ensure that;
a) Form submission remains anonymous unless the person giving feedback has volunteered their identity.
b) The person providing feedback shall not be subjected to any victimisation
c) All submissions shall be maintained in a log that will have follow-up or comment against each submission and this shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors regularly.

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