Afritrack’s construction fleet GPS tracking allows you to select and easily generate a variety of charts and graphs for different aspects of your business, making it easy to improve efficiency and recognize potential risks.

You can also quickly pinpoint the exact location of vehicle you need on any job site with real-time GPS tracking. Whether you are tracking your excavator as it travels from one job site to the next, generating a maintenance report for your skid loader or looking to see the route your cement mixer takes from pickup to drop off.

With Afritrack you can ensure that your construction vehicles are being used as efficiently as possible, while also limiting personal use of construction equipment and inefficient driving behaviors — such as excessive idle time which increases your fuel costs.

Extended Features

Complete Visibility

  • Real time location
  • All assets on one screen for one or multiple job sites
  • Remotely lock or immobilize equipment for theft
  • Monitor working time spend by location
  • Geofence and un-authorized entry alerts
  • Enhance operator safety
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Optimize utilization and efficiency of yellow plant machinery

  • Track engine hours
  • Mileage
  • Mileage alerts
  • Fuel usage
  • Lower equipment life cycle cost
  • Sensor alerts and fault codes
  • Prevent un-authorized use

Optimize billing practices and increase ROI

  • Accurately document work hours and equipment time on the job
  • Track equipment operating hours
  • Maintenance logs
  • Plan preventive repairs
  • Avoid breakdowns and reduce equipment downtime
  • Identify issues as they occur
  • Avoid un-expected equipment failures

Monitor Construction operation

  • Complying with construction working hours
  • Cement bulker utilization monitoring
  • Other heavy machinery utilization reporting
  • Track mobile and fixed equipment location and usage
  • Maximize profitability with improved refueling practices

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