Boda Boda

Afritrack’ s motorbike tracking provides a cost-effective option when you are looking for reliable motorbike tracking be it commercial fleet or the love of your life.

Afritrack motorbike tracking gives you ability to see the position of your motorbike on demand, whilst a variety of alerts can be set to ensure that you are always aware of any problems with your bike – including a geo-fence alarm which will alert you if your motorbike leaves a set area, and a movement alarm which will let you know if your bike is under attempt of theft a accident alert that will send you a message if your bike is met with an accident. 

Afritrack motorbike tracking provides you ability to trace where your fleet is all the time in real time, allowing control center to have a full dashboard view of all your boda boda’s in the field, now easily assign work orders to ones close to the area.

Further empower them with a smart phone and harness the power of our end to end delivery management app where your delivery personal can updates notes, sales orders, endorse client confirmation have two way messaging with dispatch/control center

Extended Features  

Complete Visibility

  • Real time location
  • Cloud Based Access (Desktop Control Center and Mobile App)
  • Geofence and un-authorized entry alerts
  • Reduce fuel consumption

Optimize utilization and efficiency

  • Mileage
  • Driving Behavior (Acceleration, Deceleration, Harsh Braking, Cornering, custom defined)
  • Service reminders
  • Document expiry reminder
  • Driving license expiry reminder
  • Plan preventive repairs
  • Identify issues as they occur

Monitor Vehicle operations

  • Route Replay
  • Trips history (Routes, Stops, Parking’s)
  • Driving mode (personal/Official)
  • Need Assistance Alert
  • Tow Alerts
  • Monitor usage

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