The Afritrack portal is a multifunctional SaaS (Software as a Service) based Internet of Things (IoT) platform used for tracking mobile or stationary devices or assets. Characterized by extensive functionality and flexible customization options.

The portal has been designed for seamless accessibility across many devices an platforms including Desktop browsers, Mobile Apps, SMS notification. In addition, the platform has open APIs that can integrate to various information systems, such as ERPs, custom designed client applications and so forth. The portal is updated regularly to ensure the features, usability and breath of the portal is always dynamic and is ever evolving to meet your needs.

Real-time Unit Tracking

Flexible Report Building

Fuel Management

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Routing Management

Alarm and Notification System

Account Management via CMS

Fleet KPIs Analysis with Dashboard

Integration with ERP Systems

This portal is hosted on the cloud with a guaranteed uptime and un-matched resilience and redundancy. This allows you to eliminate costs associated with server hardware and software acquisition, installation and administration, as well as negates the need to struggle with maintaining uptime and portal accessibility. A hosted solution relieves you of the headache so you can focus on your core business while Afritrack manages the rest. A hosted solution also means that the same data can be accessed from multiple devices simultaneously and the data is real-time all the time!

The Data Center Afritrack Cloud is hosted on comprises more than 200 modern servers and advanced distributed data storage and processing technologies. The datacenter has ability to process 700 000+ unit data packets to be received here every minute. 

The Data Center’s operational performance is at 99.99% uptime. Every minute our server center receives about half a million data packets from the tracking devices deployed worldwide. With capacity to serve over 30 000 concurrently logged in users.

Equipped with state-of-art technologies for data storage and processing, database administration, process automation and more than 200 advanced servers providing stable operation for hosted solutions even under extreme load.

Likewise the portal is able to integrate a wide variety of tracking devices and trackable equipment to bring all your data to a centralized repository.

The data is then analyzed in a variety of forms to create meaningful business intelligence reports and dashboards. The output is ‘knowledge-rich’, tangible and relevant information that will help in decision making and business management. So at Afritrack, the philosophy is to capture data, convert to information, analyze into information and finally make for decision making based on wisdom.


An IoT device is mounted on your trucks, boat, mining equipment or any other mobile or stationary asset. Mobile phone application and wear-able tech options also exist.

These devices/applications use GPS (Global Positioning Satellites) to determine geo position. They also use built in logic circuit to monitor incidents and through external/internal sensors/antennas/gyro are able collect and process much more.

These devices/applications compile the information and transmit that data either over the Cellular GPRS network (within GSM coverage areas) or over Satellite (Absolute global coverage). Which medium it uses depends on the chosen device.

The message transmitted makes its way to the AFRITRACK cloud based IoT Portal which is heavily secured and more than adequately backed up so your data is secure and uptime guarantee is 99.99%

Your data is then retrieved when you access the portal or compiled into an e-mail or SMS and sent to you, for specified incidents. This way you don’t have to log in to know your asset is in trouble or is behaving dangerously, we will make sure you know in good time so you can actually do something before it becomes a serious problem. You can also get scheduled automated reports from our industry specific reports or build your own set of reports through our advanced report builder

You can access Afritrack IoT portal from anywhere you are (home, office, abroad, with a customer) as long as you have access to the internet from your desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone.