At Afritrack, we strive to deliver exceptional customer service and ensure every reported problem is addressed in an appropriate and timely fashion.

We recognize that offering exceptional customer service is one of the key value proposition of our offering. This is why every query or trouble reported is logged into our Trouble Ticket system and tracked up to resolution.

Our Customer service staff are deeply entrenched in the abiding to the values of Afritrack and hence approach every customer and incident with sensitivity, maturity and urgency. The sooner an issue is addressed and resolved, the sooner the customer is back in business performing and growing. As a partner to our customers, it’s our job to ensure any service interruptions or incidents is addressed promptly and in a manner to reduce re-occurrences.

Our field staff are well trained in various types of equipment and vehicles and pay particular attention to do installations and troubleshooting in a way that does not compromise the aesthetics of the asset or the existing on-board systems.